The authors have recently discovered an error in analysis that alters the results of their recently published GWAS of age at onset in bipolar disorder. Figure 1 and Table II below show the corrected information. Please note that all results remain statistically non-significant and thus the conclusions drawn remain the same. The results for the analysis of psychotic symptoms were not affected by this mistake and no other publications were influenced. The authors sincerely regret this error and apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

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Figure 1. Manhattan plot for GWA of age at onset of BP. Genome-wide association results for observed and imputed allelic dosages using linear regression.

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Table II. Top Regions in the Analysis of Age at Onset in the GAIN-BP + BiGS + German Samplea
SNPChrGeneBP LocationGAIN-BP + BiGS + GermanReplication SampleMeta-Analysis
βbP-valueβb [PM1]P-valueP-valuec
  • a

    The most significant SNP per region is listed as a representative SNP.

  • b

    β is calculated for the rare allele.

  • c

    N/A = not applicable when the direction of effect is opposite in the two samples.

rs4553136Intergenic951172751.511.40 × 10−70.130.641.46 × 10−4
rs76236523TTMP113321634−3.993.01 × 10−6−0.430.615.79 × 10−4
rs87230310CPXM2125585154−2.053.53 × 10−6N/AN/AN/A
rs201372515Intergenic59778185−3.823.92 × 10−60.750.44N/A
rs102112202ARHGAP15144131629−1.634.87 × 10−6−0.460.165.33 × 10−5
rs1258641214RGS6720445921.246.15 × 10−60.040.882.13 × 10−3
rs25921819ANKRD27/RGS9BP37829965−1.348.33 × 10−60.180.52N/A
rs1085906412Intergenic897713331.218.56 × 10−6−0.080.73N/A
rs207225417RICH2/ARHGAP44127931842.131.05 × 10−5−0.010.97N/A
rs613080320SLPI/MATN443356516−2.281.07 × 10−50.290.61N/A