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ajmg_31233_sm_suppFig1.tif1520KSupplementary FIG. 1. Linkage Disequilibrium of SNPs distributed in seven gene regions. The magnitude of linkage disequilibrium (LD) was evaluated by calculating D' using the haplotype frequencies estimated by the Haploview program. The relative location of markers used to construct the haplotypes is represented on the upper parts of the panel, and is more clearly depicted in Figure 2. Each cell represents D' for the corresponding two-SNP combination with 5-grade color coding (darker is stronger in LD).
ajmg_31233_sm_suppTab1.doc97KSupplementary Table I. PCR primers for genotyping SNPs in the PCP-responsible genes
ajmg_31233_sm_suppTab2.doc179KSupplementary Table II. Gene expression change in five brain regions induced by PCP administration.
ajmg_31233_sm_suppTab3.doc224KSupplementary Table III. Association analyses of SNPs in PCP-responsive genes using the Screening Sample Set.
ajmg_31233_sm_suppTab4.doc46KSupplementary Table IV. Haplotype frequencies of the associated SNPS in PDE4A.

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