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ajmg_32097_sm_SuppTabI.doc146KSupplementary Table I. Further top regions identified by single SNP association analysis (CHR chromosome)
ajmg_32097_sm_SuppTabII.doc98KSupplementary Table II. Adaptive permutation results (CHR chromosome, EMP empirical P value, NP number of permutations)
ajmg_32097_sm_SuppTabIII.doc57KSupplementary Table III. Summary of the gene function of genes from the top haplotype LD regions (CHR chromosome)
ajmg_32097_sm_SuppTabIV.doc158KSupplementary Table IV. Supplementary table IV Confirmation of QTL by each analysis (shaded regions highlight common gene regions, CHR chromosome)
ajmg_32097_sm_SuppTabV.doc42KSupplementary Table V. Supplementary Table V Summary of the gene function and SNP association of interesting candidate genes, and regions from our other analyses (single SNP association, sliding window) (CHR chromosome)

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