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Figure S1. Venn diagram showing the breakdown of the sample by Illumina genotyping platform.

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Table S1. Correlation between the six variables analysed. All correlations were significant with P < 0.01.


Table S2. Power to detect variants with sample size used in present study explaining different proportions of the phenotypic variance in a phenotype with total heritability of 30%. Calculations assume that causal variant is directly genotyped or is tagged by a SNP in complete LD and with the same minor allele frequency.


Table S3. Results from ingenuity pathway analysis of sleep traits showing the number of genes with P < 0.05 from gene-based test and top functions and pathways.


Table S4. SNPs in or near candidate genes for sleep/wake regulation with P < 0.001.


Table S5. SNPs listed as most strongly associated from Gottlieb et al that show nominal association with sleep traits analysed out of 34 SNPs genotyped or imputed in present sample.

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