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ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppLegends-S1.doc23KLegends for Supplementary Material.
ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppFig.tif742KFIG. S1. Segmentation of MRM brain images. Mouse brain images, acquired by magnetic resonance microscopy, were segmented into six different regions, as seen in these coronal (A), sagittal (B) and dorsoventral (C) views of the brain of a male mouse. The six regions were the hippocampus (blue, horizontal lines), amygdala (yellow, vertical lines), striatum (green, left diagonal lines), third ventricle (red, right diagonal lines), lateral ventricles (lavender, stipple), and corpus callosum (brown, crosshatch).
ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppMovie-S1.mpg18946KB1 Hom F
ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppMovie-S2.mpg23548KB3 Hom M
ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppMovie-S3.mpg25741KB4 WT M
ajmb32198-sm-0001-SuppMovie-S4.mpg24493KB5 WT F

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