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ajmgb32204-sm-0001-suppTable-S1.docx16KTABLE SI. Primer Sequences
ajmgb32204-sm-0002-suppTable-S2.docx15KTABLE SII. Minus Self-Chains in the NRXN1 Gene
ajmgb32204-sm-0002-suppTable-S3.docx23KTABLE SIII. The 100 Largest Genes in the Genome Used to Generate the 5,000 Random 1-kb Sequences
ajmgb32204-sm-0004-suppTable-S4.docx17KTABLE SIV. Previously Sequenced NRXN1 Deletions From the Literature
ajmgb32204-sm-0005-suppTable-S5.docx23KTABLE SV. Junction Sequences of the 17 NRXN1 Deletions
ajmgb32204-sm-0001-suppTable-S6.docx18KTABLE SVI. Sequence Motifs Included in the Analyses

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