The establishment of a self-sustaining breeding population of gorillas in captivity with special reference to the work of the anthropoid ape advisory panel of the British Isles and Ireland


  • Jeremy J. C. Mallinson

    Corresponding author
    1. Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
    • Zoological Director, Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Les Augres Manor, Trinity, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom
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Early observations of gorillas and the history of gorillas kept in captivity are reviewed, with a focus on captive management. Improvements are noted that have resulted in some reproduction by captive gorillas. More than 180 fullterm pregnancies were recorded in captive gorillas between 1956 and 1976. Progress has been made in restricting importation of wild gorillas and in cooperative efforts to improve understanding of gorilla reproduction and to apply this knowledge to the enhancement of captive breeding. Analyses of gorilla studbooks are reported in detail and prospects for future management are outlined.