• Colobus guereza;
  • digestibility;
  • fiber;
  • pregastric fermentation;
  • black and white colobus;
  • guereza


The acceptability and digestibility of a high-fiber biscuit-based diet was investigated using two adult male Colobus guereza animals. Although the animals were initially reluctant to accept the biscuit, it was eventually readily consumed. Apparent digestion coefficients for the diet (average composition, dry matter basis: 16% crude protein, 25% neutral detergent fiber (NDF), 9.5% acid detergent fiber (ADF), 1.2% acid lignin) determined by total fecal collection were 0.871 for dry matter, 0.813 for NDF, 0.693 for ADF, and 0.208 for acid lignin. Fiber digestive capabilities in C. guereza generally exceeded those reported in ruminant species based on predictive equations. Use of acid lignin and Cr2O3 as markers underestimated dry matter digestibility by 3.9 and 6.0%, respectively.