Banded karyotypes of 20 Papionini species reveal no necessary correlation with speciation



The G-banded karyotypes of 20 species of the tribe Papionini are remarkably similar, and the amount of phylogenetic interpretation permitted is limited. The genera Mandrillus and Cercocebus may be linked by a derived chromosome 10. T. gelada may be linked to the macaques by chromosome 2. Chromosome 5, which differs in M. fascicularis, makes this species an unlikely ancestor of the Sulawesi (Celebes) macaques. An alternate hypothesis, which takes into consideration the possibility that ancestral populations may be polymorphic for these chromosome variants, suggests that different chromosome variants have become fixed in different lines. These chromosomes would therefore not reflect phylogenetic relations. In the Papionini the karyotype has not played a major role in diversification and speciation.