• baboon;
  • chimpanzee;
  • Papio;
  • Pan;
  • parasite;
  • helminth


Experimental and clinical parasitology need natural baselines or “controls”. We present normative data intestinal parasite loads in two genera of African primates. Wild Pan troglodytes and Papio spp. were studied at two sites: Gombe in Tanzania (P. anubis) and Mt. Assirik in Senegal (P. papio). Presence or absence of parasites, especially nematodes, was recorded from fecal specimens. Gombe's primates were more often infected than were Mt. Assirik's. At Gombe, but not at Mt. Assirik, chimpanzees seemed to have a higher incidence of infection than baboons. Comparison of three baboon troops yielded apparent differences in prevalence of infection. No differences in infection were found between the wet and dry seasons in Mt. Assirik's chimpanzees.