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Fig. S1. Location of the study sites in Brazil and Argentina. 1. Ipê, 2. Cantareira, 3. Barra do Ribeiro, 4. Santa Genebra, 6. Fazenda Doralice, 7. Fazenda Souza, 8. Aracuri, 9. Campo de Instrução de Santa Maria, 10. Ribeirão Cachoeira, 11. Fazenda Água Branca, 12. Mata Boa Vista,13. Intervales, 14. Fazenda Rio Claro, 15. Morro da Araçá, 16. Mata Bela Fama, 17. El Piñalito. Adapted from Google Earth®. The order of the study sites is the same as in the Table II (see the main manuscript) and the Table S-I.

Fig. S2. Time budget of Alouatta guariba clamitans in 25 study samples throughout its geographic distribution.

Table S-I. List of food species for Alouatta guariba clamitans in 17 study sites.

Table S-II. Observed (Sobs) and expected top food species richness in diet of Alouatta guariba clamitans in all study samples and the three fragment categories.

Table S-III. Results for multiple regression analyses. Nonstandardized multiple regression coefficients (b Weight), and standardized multiple regression coefficients (Std Beta) are indicated.

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