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ajp22246-sm-0001-SuppTable-S1.docx13KTABLE SI. Mean Total Sample Wet-Weight (g) of Food-Items, Proportion (%) of Weight for Food-Items per Sieve Size, and Percentage This Represents of Mean Total Fecal Sample Wet-Weight: Totals Show Food-Item Proportion Captured for Typically Used 1 mm Sieve (>1 mm) Versus All Three Sieves (>0.5 mm)
ajp22246-sm-0001-SuppTable-S2.docx14KTABLE SII. Mean, Median, and Range of Sample Estimates for Three Quantification Methods: Rating by Abundance (RATE-ABUN), Percentage Volume Estimates (% VOL EST), and Weighing of Food-Items (WEIGHT). Two Totals Provided: Food-Items Captured in 4 and 1 mm Sieve (>1.0 mm), and for All Three Sieves (>0.5 mm)
ajp22246-sm-0001-SuppTable-S3.docx14KTABLE SIII. Food Sub-Categories Identified in Captured 0.5 mm Sieve Content (S) and Captured “Washed Away” Fecal Matter <0.5 mm (B): Weight Listed for Nine Samples Analyzed, Along With Fig spp. Seeds Counted and Percentage Volume Estimates (%) of Each Food Sub-Category
ajp22246-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.docx209KSupplementary Figure A
ajp22246-sm-0001-SuppFig-S2.docx199KSupplementary Figure B

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