Erratum: Daegling DJ, Hotzman, JL. Functional significance of cortical bone distribution in anthropoid mandibles: An in vitro assessment of bone strain under combined loads. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 122:38–50.

Figure 1(B) is incorrectly labeled as a specimen of Macaca. The image shown is an individual of Procolobus.

The column headings for Table 2 are incorrect. The second series of strain values (the last four columns of values on the right side of the table) is for the load condition of bite force only; it is mislabeled in the figure as “Twist only.” The headings for principal strains are incorrect. The first column of principal strain values for each load case (i.e., those with negative values) are minimum principal strains (ε2); the second column of principal strains for each load case are maximum principal strains (ε1). The corrected column headings are as follows:

Table  . 
SpecimenGage3 (vertical/lateral)4Twist only1Bite force only2
  Minimum principal strain (ε2)5Maximum principal strain (ε1)Shear strain (γ) (ε1–ε2)Ratio of ε12Minimum principal strain (ε2)Maximum principal strain (ε1)Shear strain (γ) (ε1–ε2)Ratio of ε12