• Bone;
  • Aging;
  • Craniofacial;
  • Females


Today special emphasis is being placed upon the understanding of human aging and this study is an attempt to shed light on the craniofacial complex during the later years. Postcranial skeletal alteration is clear and it is now evident that cranial and facial structures are no exception to the aging process. The longitudinal information presented here indicates continuing overall growth from early adulthood to later life. The cranium thickens and the skull diameter increases. Endocranial dimensions enlarge as well. This suggests larger overall skull size and expansion of the cranial cavity. The visceral cranial structures also participate in the continuing growth process. Enlargement in all areas seems to be of similar magnitude except for skull thickness, sella turcica, and frontal sinus. The size increase in these three structures is greater than in other segments examined. In essence, the craniofacial complex is in a state of growth throughout life. The entire system is involved in a process of symmetrical enlargement.