• Patellar ligament;
  • Locomotion;
  • Femur;
  • Tibia;
  • Caucasoid;
  • Negroid


Nine variables of length, width and circumference of the femur and tibia were measured on post-cranial remains of 28 Caucasoids and 45 Negroids. The distance from the point of tibial attachment of the patellar ligament to the head of the tibia (PLID) was also determined.

It was found that the Negroid has a significantly longer and narrower femur and tibia than the Caucasoid, although PLID did not vary between the two groups. Thus PLID, relative to the length of the tibia, was less in Negroids than Caucasoids.

A factor analysis was carried out in order to examine the relation between PLID and the other variables. It appeared that the same three factors governed the ten variables in both races. In Caucasoids, PLID did not load on either the “length” or “width” factors and appeared unique. In Negroids, PLID loaded on Factor III with two width measures, and this factor correlated positively with the “width” factor. It is suggested that in Caucasoids PLID does not relate to length or width dimensions of the leg but in Negroids it is related to width rather than length.