Additional upper pleistocene human remains from Vindija cave, Croatia, Yugoslavia



This report presents a morphological description of ten hominid skeletal fragments found at Vindija cave, northwestern Yugoslavia, in 1980-1981. Eight of the specimens (seven cranial fragments and one complete hand proximal phalanx) were excavated from level G3, a stratum correlated to the Lower Würm stadial and containing Mousterian lithic elements. The salient morphological features of these new specimens are similar to those of previously described hominids from this same stratum, indicating that the new specimens are also remains of archaic H. sapiens (Neandertals). One parietal fragment was excavated from the stratigraphically more recent F complex. The F complex contains Upper Paleolithic lithic elements, and the new hominid specimen from this complex appears to exhibit features similar to other early modern H. sapiens in southcentral Europe.