New hominid fossils from the Swartkrans formation (1979–1986 excavations): Craniodental specimens



Seventy-two individually numbered hominid craniodental fossils from recent excavations at Swartkrans are described. All derive from in situ decalcified breccia and/or unconsolidated sediments. A total of 20 specimens, representing 13 to 16 individuals derive from Member 1 “Lower Bank,” two teeth derive from sediments along the Member 1–2 Interface, 38 fossils representing 19 to 24 individuals come from Member 2, and 12 teeth representing 9 to 11 individuals derive from Member 3. All but four of the specimens are attributable at the generic level; one specimen from Member 1 “Lower Bank” and five specimens from Member 2 are attributed to Homo, while the others represent Paranthropus. The proportional representation of Homo in the Swartkrans Formation is markedly higher in Member 2 (c. 33%) than in the Member 1 “Lower Bank” (c. 8%) and Member 1 “Hanging Remnant” (c. 5%) samples.