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AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfofig1.doc171KSupporting Figure 1 Histograms representing allelic and generic frequencies for five HLA loci (1. Some rare alleles are not labeled; 2. Linguistic families/groups are indicated by lines of different colors: dark green = Altaic, light green = Korean and Japonic, brown = Tibeto-Burman; yellow = Mandarin speakers (Sinitic), mustard = Southern-Chinese-Language speakers (Sinitic), pink = Hmong-Mien, red = Tai-Kadai, rose = Austro-Asiatic).
AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfofig2.doc3127KSupporting Figure 2 Spatial autocorrelation charts of group-1 and group-2 alleles as well as their distribution in East Asian populations shown graphically by our data (populations of different linguistic families/groups are represented by different colors), along with their worldwide distribution maps according to (without most of our data).
AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfofig3.doc49KSupporting Figure 3 Results of the spatial autocorrelation analysis at five HLA loci (allelic data) represented by Moran's I autocorrelograms (point: p<0.05; cross: not significant).
AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfofig4.doc533KSupporting Figure 4 Principle coordinate analysis (PCoordA) for (a) HLA-A generic data of 56 populations, (b) HLA-B generic data of 52 populations, (c) HLA-C generic data of 31 populations, and (d) HLA-DRB1 generic data of 66 populations (linguistic families/groups are represented by different symbols).
AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfotable1.doc991KSupporting Table 1 Information of all population samples in this study
AJPA_21470_sm_suppinfotable2.doc159KSupporting Table 2 Genetic diversity observed among linguistic groups (FCT, lower part) and among populations within linguistic groups (FSC, upper part) (red: FCT significant and FCT < FSC; ***: p<0.001, **:0.001<p<0.01, *:0.01<p<0.05, n.s.: not significant; ALT: Altaic, TB: Tibeto-Burman, SIN: Sinitic, MAN: Mandarin speakers, SCL: Southern-Chinese-Language speakers, HM: Hmong-Mien, TK: Tai-Kadai, AA:Austro-Asiatic; Number between parentheses: number of populations).

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