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AJPA_21490_sm_suppinfofig1.tif366KFigure S1. Gel photo of three ancient and three present-day samples. M: DNA marker (pBR322/HaeIII - 300 ng); 2a-21b: ancient samples (sample codes are the same that are used in Table S1 and S1b); Ba and Bb: digestion blanks; P1a-P3b: present-day samples. Digestions with HinfI and NlaIV enzymes are labeled with ‘a’ and ‘b’, respectively. CC-13910 genotypes (undigested 119 bp band in HinfI and 96 bp fragment in NlaIV digestions): samples 2 and P1; CT-13910 genotypes (96 and 97 bp fragments in NlaIV and HinfI digestions): samples 12 and P2; TT-13910 genotypes (97 bp fragment in HinfI and undigested 119 bp band in NlaIV digestions): samples 21 and P3.
AJPA_21490_sm_suppinfotbl1.rtf39KTABLE S1a: Anthropomorphologic data on bone samples from the Carpathian Basin. TABLE S1b: Genetic data on bone samples from the Carpathian Basin.
AJPA_21490_sm_suppinfotbl2.doc15KTABLE S2: C/T-13910 genotypes and mtDNA haplogroups of coworkers.
AJPA_21490_sm_suppinfotbl3.doc15KTABLE S3: Characteristics of mitochondrial DNA haplogroups present in our samples.
AJPA_21490_sm_suppinfotbl4.doc26KTABLE S4: Frequencies of the T-13910 allele, lactose digesters and non-digesters in Eurasian populations.

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