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AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1a.tif1875KSupporting Information Figure 1a.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1b.tif1883KSupporting Information Figure 1b.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1c.tif1889KSupporting Information Figure 1c.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1d.tif1881KSupporting Information Figure 1d.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1e.tif1872KSupporting Information Figure 1e.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS1f.tif1881KSupporting Information Figure 1f.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppFigS2.tif3164KSupporting Information Figure 2.
AJPA_21655_sm_SuppTabS1.doc26KSupporting Information Table S1. Individual data of digital endocranial volumes (EV) and digital proportional endocranial volumes (PEV) for the Strasbourg sample, expressed respectively in cubic centimeter (cc) and percentage (%). Calendar ages are given in years. F: female specimen, M: male specimen, and I: indeterminate sex.

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