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AJPA_22100_sm_SuppTab1.doc525KSupporting Information Table 1. δ13C and δ15N results for the fauna from Sagalassos, Turkey. The investigated species include dog (Canis lupus f. familiaris), cattle (Bos primigenius f. taurus), pig (Sus scrofa f. domestica), sheep (Ovis ammon f. aries), goat (Capra aegagrus f. hircus), fallow deer (Dama dama), red deer (Cervus elaphus), brown hare (Lepus europaeus), brown bear (Ursus arctos f. domestica?) goose (Anser anser f. domestica?), chicken (Gallus gallus f. domestica), chukar (Alectoris chukar f. domestica?) pigeon (Columba livia f. domestica?)
AJPA_22100_sm_SuppTab2.doc85KSupporting Information Table 2. δ13C and δ15N results for the humans from Sagalassos, Turkey. The data on sex and age are taken from unpublished, internal reports by E. Smits and F.-X. Ricaut.

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