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ajpa22226-sup-0001-suppinfo.doc334KSupplementary Figure 1. Global Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) Plot using 13 autosomal STR loci (Stress value=0.13267 and RSQ=0.94824)
ajpa22226-sup-0002-suppinfo.doc50KSupplementary Figure 2. Determining the true value of delta K
ajpa22226-sup-0003-suppinfo.doc2548KSupplementary Figure 3. Structure analysis using 13 autosomal STR loci
ajpa22226-sup-0004-suppinfo.doc52KSupplementary Figure 4. Multidimensional Scaling Plot based on 13 loci after removing related individuals (Stress=0.15652)
ajpa22226-sup-0005-suppinfo.xls33KSupplementary Table 1. Ami Allelic Frequencies (n=95)
ajpa22226-sup-0006-suppinfo.xls32KSupplementary Table 2. Atayal Allelic Frequencies (n=45)
ajpa22226-sup-0007-suppinfo.xls33KSupplementary Table 3. Bunun Allelic Frequencies (n=47)
ajpa22226-sup-0008-suppinfo.xls34KSupplementary Table 4. Paiwan Allelic Frequencies (n=39)
ajpa22226-sup-0009-suppinfo.xls34KSupplementary Table 5. Puyuma Allelic Frequencies (n=40)
ajpa22226-sup-0010-suppinfo.xls32KSupplementary Table 6. Rukai Allelic Frequencies (n=33)
ajpa22226-sup-0011-suppinfo.xls31KSupplementary Table 7. Saisiyat Allelic Frequencies (n=40)
ajpa22226-sup-0012-suppinfo.xls33KSupplementary Table 8. Tsou Allelic Frequencies (n=42)
ajpa22226-sup-0013-suppinfo.xls33KSupplementary Table 9. Yami Allelic Frequencies (n=70)
ajpa22226-sup-0014-suppinfo.doc26KSupplementary Table 10. Combined forensic parameters for Taiwanese aborigines
ajpa22226-sup-0015-suppinfo.xls34KSupplementary Table 11. Inbreeding coefficient (Fis) in Taiwanese aborigines
ajpa22226-sup-0016-suppinfo.xls247KSupplementary Table 12.
ajpa22226-sup-0017-suppinfo.xls187KSupplementary Table 13.

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