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ajpa22263-sup-0001-supptable1.doc13KTable S1. CT-scan settings for dry skull imaging. After Badawi-Fayad et al., 2005.
ajpa22263-sup-0002-supptable2.doc14KTable S2. Technical specifications of the PHANTOM Desktop device (Sensable Technologies, Wilmington, MA, USA).
ajpa22263-sup-0003-supptable3.doc34KTable S3. Skull vault thickness and volume in intentional skull deformations.
ajpa22263-sup-0004-supptable4.doc113KTable S4. Discrete measurements of skull vault thickness in intentional deformations.
ajpa22263-sup-0005-supptable5.doc40KTable S5. Skull volumes in intentional skull deformations.
ajpa22263-sup-0006-supptable6.doc18KTable S6. Intra-observer ICC for orbital distances and angles measured twice over the complete dataset by one observer.
ajpa22263-sup-0007-supptable7.doc13KTable S7. Intra-observer ICC for sinus distances twice over the complete dataset by two observers (RO and RK).
ajpa22263-sup-0008-supptable8.doc14KTable S8. Inter-observer ICC for sinus distances measured twice over the complete dataset by two observers (RO and RK). Absolute agreement for medial sinus depth and anterior sinus height and Consistency for posterior sinus width.
ajpa22263-sup-0009-supptable9.doc27KTable S9. Mean values and standard errors of the Euclidian distances between two successive measurements of relevant landmarks by a single observer over a subset of 10 normal skulls. All Euclidian distances were significantly smaller than an anatomical threshold of 1.5 mm (one-tailed Student t-test).
ajpa22263-sup-0010-supptable10.doc125KTable S10. 3D shape of the orbits in intentional deformations.
ajpa22263-sup-0011-supptable11.doc48KTable S11. 3D shape of the sinuses in intentional deformations.

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