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Crista galli mucocele: endoscopic marsupialization via frontoethmoid approach


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  • Presented as a poster at the Otorhinolaryngology 3rd Annual South Pacific Forum, July 9-12, 2013, Maui, HI.



We report the first report of an expansile crista galli (CG) mucocele treated surgically by an endoscopic endonasal approach. Only 1 other case of a CG mucocele has been previously reported in the literature. This was treated by a craniotomy approach.

Case Report

We describe the technique employed in endoscopic marsupialization. We also discuss relevant CG anatomy, pneumatization patterns, surgical approaches, and its potential to cause disease, including CG sinusitis and mucocele formation.


We present this case to highlight that the growing experience with endoscopic techniques offer us less morbid and more functional alternatives to a variety of lesions that were once tackled by neurosurgical or external approaches. In the contemporary era, the indications for open approaches and craniotomy for frontal sinus and CG lesions is likely limited. We recommend these patients undergo careful evaluation by a surgeon experienced in advanced endoscopic techniques before being advised to undergo open or craniotomy techniques.