• Thin films;
  • Laser ablation;
  • X-ray mirrors;
  • Plasma sources;
  • UHV deposition equipment;
  • Ni/C multilayer structures;
  • SNMS depth profiling;
  • TEM cross-section


The conventional thin film deposition equipment of LPVD has been modified for the preparation of nanometre-layer stacks of uniform thickness at reduced target/substrate separation. Therefore the planar target was replaced by a cylindrical one and the target motion regime has been modified.

During thin film deposition a substrate translation is preferred instead of the usual rotation technique. With this arrangement the emission characteristic of the plasma source can be computer controlled and tailored via a stepper-motor-driven manipulator for the desired layer thickness profile across an extended substrate. Thus, for example, a homogeneous film thickness is obtained even for lower target/substrate distances, and an appropriate deposition rate can be maintained.

First applications of the equipment are explained and compared with typical results of the conventional technique.