• Poly(ethy1ene oxide)-salt complexes;
  • Anionic mesogens;
  • Uncharged mesogens;
  • Isomorphous mixture


The preparation and characterisation of novel ionic polymer liquid crystal complexes of poly(ethylene oxide)–Na+ with mesogenic anions and their uncharged structural analogues in homogeneous mixtures are described. The systems discused most fully are the anion of the phenolic mesogen 4-n-hexyloxybenzylidene-4-hydroxy aniline (1) with its uncharged analogue 4-n-hexyloxybenzylidene aniline (1a) and the anion of 5-(4-n-octyloxy-2,3-dicyanophenyleneoxycarbonyl)benzimidazo-le (2) and its uncharged analogue 4-octyloxy-2,3-dicyanophenyloxybenzoyl (2). Differential scanning calorimetry, wide angle x-ray diffraction and polarised light microscopy show that PEO–Na1/1a and PEO–Na2/2a are homogeneous mesogenic phases when Na1 or Na2 are present at 50% or less of the stoichiometric composition in complexes (EO : salt = 3 : 1) and the shortfall is made up from 1a or 2a uncharged analogues of 1a and related systems substituted by methoxy rather than hydrogen do not form homogeneous mixtures.