A comparative study of pulsed laser deposition and flash evaporation of Culn0.75Ga0.25Se2 thin films



In this paper initial results are presented for the growth and characterisation of polycrystalline Culn0.75Ga0.25Se2 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition and flash evaporation. Analogies are drawn between these two important deposition technologies. The deposited films were characterised using a veriety of analytical techniques, including energy-dispersive analysis of X-rays and Rutherford-backscattering spectroscopy for compositional evaluation, X-ray diffreaction and Raman spectroscopy for structural evaluation, scanning electron microscopy for surface examination and the four-point and hot-point probe techniques for electrical characterisation. The comparison of films produced by these two deposition methods revealed that, in terms of their stochiometry, electrical and physical characteristics, good-quality GIGS thin films could be produced by both techniques.