Late-onset frontotemporal dementia with a novel exon 1 (Arg5His) tau gene mutation



We report a case of frontotemporal dementia and parkinsonism linked to chromosome 17 of 5 years' duration in an 81-year-old man whose brother had died at age 86 years with dementia. In this patient, we found frontal and temporal neuronal loss, glial-predominant tau deposits, progressive supranuclear palsy-like straight tubules, accumulation of 4-repeat-predominant Sarkosyl-insoluble tau, and a novel exon 1 (Arg5His) tau gene mutation. This mutation decreased microtubule-promoting capacity and increased fibrillation of tau in vitro. Thus, we consider that the Arg5His mutation is an authentic tau gene abnormality responsible for the patient's tau pathology and late-onset dementia.