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Comparison of kindreds with parkinsonism and α-synuclein genomic multiplications



Genomic triplication of the α-synuclein gene recently has been associated with familial Parkinson's disease in the Spellman–Muenter kindred. Here, we present an independent family, of Swedish-American descent, with hereditary early-onset parkinsonism with dementia due to α-synuclein triplication. Brain tissue available from affected individuals in both kindreds provided the opportunity to compare their clinical, pathological, and biochemical phenotypes. Of note, studies of brain mRNA and soluble protein levels demonstrate a doubling of α-synuclein expression, consistent with molecular genetic data. Pathologically, cornu ammonis 2/3 hippocampal neuronal loss appears to be a defining feature of this form of inherited parkinsonism. The profound implications of α-synuclein overexpression for idiopathic synucleinopathies are discussed.