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ana21303-ANA21303supp_F1.tif2799K Figure 1. Differentiation profiles of transplanted DiO-labeled, lysed cells. Confocal scans depict the distribution of various phenotypic markers (red) after the transplantation of freeze-thaw-DiO-labeled, lysed cells (green) within the needle tract (A), and lesional (B) and non-lesional brain regions (C) at 35 days after MCA occlusion. The localization of NF (D), GFAP (E) and laminin (F), and DiO after the infusion of lysed cells mirrored the pattern observed after the transplantation of live cells. Arrows denote DiO-labeled host cells. Scale bar: 30 μm.
ana21303-ANA21303supp_F2.tif4970K Figure 2. Differentiation profiles of transplanted endothelial outgrowth cells. Fluorescent microscopy shows representative immunostainings of DiO-labeled endothelial outgrowth cells (green) for various phenotypic markers (red) at 35 days after MCA occlusion. Migrating, transplanted cells rarely expressed NeuN (A-C) or NF (D-F). Some DiO-labeled cells were colocalized with EBA (G-I), or laminin (J-L). Scale bar: 60 μμm.
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