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ana21363-supplementaryfigure.eps2114KSupplementary Figure. Median Counts per mm 3for total CD19+ B Cells (A), CD19+CD27+ Memory B Cells (B), and CD19+CD27- Naive B Cells (C). As expected from its mechanism of action, treatment with rituximab led to rapid depletion of peripheral B cells (measured by CD19 expression), which was near-complete (99.8%) by Week 2, and sustained through Week 48, with reconstitution to mean 34.5% of baseline by Week 72. The majority of reconstituting cells were CD19+CD27- naive B cells (mean 51% of baseline) rather than CD19+CD27+ memory B cells (mean 14% of baseline).
ana21363-SupplementaryTable1.pdf99KSupplementary Table 1: Patient Baseline Characteristics at Entry (ITT Population).
ana21363-SupplementaryTable2.pdf49KSupplementary Table 2. Adverse Events, N (%).

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