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ANA_21554_sm_SupTable1.doc30KTable 1. Clinical, radiographic, and pathophysiological data on the 4 patients. Path=pathophysiology, ICA=internal carotid artery, MCA=middle cerebral artery, TIA=transient ischemic attack, DWI=diffusion weighted imaging, TCD=transcranial Doppler, MFV=mean flow velocity
ANA_21554_sm_SupTable2.doc46KTable2 : Quantitative ROI Analysis. Values shown are drawn from beta values averaged over 3 ROIs in each hemisphere (primary sensorimotor (M1S1), lateral pre-motor (PM) and supplementary motor area (SMA)). Columns 2-4 represent the laterality index = (βcontra − βips)/(βcontra + βipsi) and the last 3 columns are the average β values of the ipsilateral motor regions. T1= time 1 in the baseline hypoperfused state; T2 = time 2 at the time of normalized hemodynamic status.

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