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ANA_22537_sm_SuppFig.tif775KFigure A. Sagittal sections of the MNI brain illustrating brain regions of significantly increased functional resting-state connectivity with the periaqueductal gray in 17 subjects with migraine, interictally, relative to 17 age- and gender-matched healthy controls. Statistical threshold corresponded to Z>2.3 and a corrected cluster significance of p=0.05, including clusters with at least 20 contiguous voxels.
ANA_22537_sm_SuppTable.doc61KTable A-Supplemental data. Results of functional connectivity during resting state in 17 migraineurs and 17 gender- and age-matched controls demonstrating correlations in the brain with the periaqueductal gray. Table B-Supplemental data. Significance values from one-sample t-test in 17 migraineurs and 17 gender- and age-matched controls of r-values derived from the correlation analysis between resting state fMRI time courses in the periaqueductal gray and time courses in somatosensory and pain processing brain regions.

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