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ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfo_clinical_evaluations.doc26KSupporting Information
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfo_methods.doc56KSupporting Information
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoFig1.pdf614KSupporting Information Figure 1: (A-C) The MRI and MRS brain images showing somewhat thinned corpus callosum and normal peaks of creatine, lactate, and N-acetylaspartate in left frontal lobe.
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoFig2.pdf297KSupporting Information Figure 2. X-Inactivation assays and aCGH results for grandmothers from family I and II and great grandmother from family I.
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoTab1.pdf377KSupplementary Table 1: List of 139 genes within the duplication at Xq12-q13.3
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoTab2.pdf262KSupplementary Table 2: Genes dysregulated in patients compared to controls
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoTab3.pdf635KSupplementary Table 3: Common genes between validation datasets and our global expression profiling analysis
ANA_22673_sm_SuppInfoTab4.pdf321KSupplementary Table 4: The overrepresented functional categories and disorders associated with common genes between independent ASD validation datasets and our differentially expressed genes.

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