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ANA_22692_sm_SuppMov1.mov14063KSupporting Information Movie 1. “Supplementary data video e-1OFM” presents one example for the stimuli used during the Object From Motion (OFM) condition.
ANA_22692_sm_SuppMov2.mov14063KSupporting Information Movie 2. “Supplementary data video e-2_moving noise” presents one example for the stimuli used during the Coherent moving noise condition.
ANA_22692_sm_SuppFig1.doc66KSupporting Information Figure 1.
ANA_22692_sm_SuppFig2.doc172KSupporting Information Figure 2.
ANA_22692_sm_SuppTab.doc166KSupporting Information Table. Patients characteristics.
ANA_22692_sm_SuppInfo.doc26KSupporting Information

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