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ANA_23642_sm_SuppFig1.tif4621KSupporting Information Figure 1. Representative brain sections from mice receiving empty vector (3×Tg) or AAV1/2-5LO (3×Tg-5LO) immunostained for GFAP (A) and CD45 (C) ( × 20 magnification). Quantitative analysis of the immunoreactivity for GFAP (B) (*p=0.002), and CD45 (D) in the same animals (*p=0.03).
ANA_23642_sm_SuppFig2.tif826KSupporting Information Figure 2. A. Representative western blot analyses of synaptophysisn and post-synaptic protein 95 (PSD95) in brain homogenates from mice receiving AAV1/2-5LO (3×Tg-5LO) or empty vector (3×Tg). B, C. Densitometric analyses of the immunoreactivities to the antibodies shown in the previous panel (*p>0.01). Values represent mean ± SEM.

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