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ANA_23693_sm_SuppFig1.tif27614KSupporting Information Figure 1. Failed Remyelination in Acute Leukocortical Lesions. Most acute leukocortical lesions showed no evidence of remyelination by PLP immunostaining (Panel A). The abundant and even distribution of MHC Class II-positive cells in the demyelinated white matter (Panel B) classifies this lesion as acute. MHC Class II-positive cells in the cortex are predominantly process-bearing microglia (Panel C), whereas those in the white matter portion are phagocytic macrophages (Panel D). The scale bars in Panels A and B represent 400 μm; the scale bars in Panels C and D represent 50 μm.
ANA_23693_sm_SuppTab1.doc58KSupporting Information Table 1.
ANA_23693_sm_SuppTab2.doc33KSupporting Information Table 2.
ANA_23693_sm_SuppTab3.doc34KSupporting Information Table 3.
ANA_23693_sm_SuppTab4.doc52KSupporting Information Table 4.

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