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  1. A new mitochondria-related disease showing myopathy with episodic hyper-creatine kinase-emia Volume 70, Issue 3, 486–492, Article first published online: 8 September 2011

In Annals of Neurology, volume 70, issue 3, pp. 486–492, the following should be noted regarding erroneous data in Table 2:

Table 2. Total mtDNA Sequencing Identified 16 Alterations Previously Reported as Polymorphisms, 10 Alterations in the MITOMAP Database, and 9 in the GiiB-JST mtSNP Database
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Nucleotide Number 7389 Base Change C to T should be Base Change T to C.

Nucleotide Number 16325 Base Change T to G should be Base Change T to C.

Please see revised Table 2 below.

DOI 10.1002/ana.23649