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ana23840-sup-0001-suppinfo.tif160KSupplementary Figure 1. Potential covariates not correlated with IBM anti-NT5C1A reactivity. NT5C1A reactivity among IBM patients was not accounted for by potential covariates of age, duration of symptoms, muscle strength for finger flexion or knee extension, ANA, or Ro/La positivity. Duration measured as time from symptoms of muscle weakness to date of blood sample; strength measured by modified MRC MMT scale (0-10). N/A = value not available.
ana23840-sup-0002-suppinfo.tif944KSupplementary Figure 2. Normal, polymyositis, and dermatomyositis muscle NT5C1A immunoreactivity staining. Dual fluorescence for NT5C1A (red) and nuclei (DAPI; blue). No perimyonuclear staining is seen. Staining of connective tissue between myofibers or muscle membrane is believed to be non-specific.
ana23840-sup-0003-suppinfo.tif2272KSupplementary Figure 3. NT5C1A reactivity does not colocalize to TDP43 immunoreactive sarcoplasmic aggregates. Single section of IBM muscle with dual TDP43 and NT5C1A immunofluorescence. TDP43 immunoreactive aggregates in a degenerating myofiber (arrows) do not contain NT5C1A immunoreactivity. Rimmed vacuole (arrowhead) is lined with both TDP43 immunoreactivity and NT5C1A immunoreactivity.
ana23840-sup-0004-suppinfo.doc50KSupplementary Information
ana23840-sup-0005-suppinfo.doc32KSupplementary Information Table

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