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ana23913-sup-0001-suppinfo.pdf2285KSupplementary Figure 1. Cacna1a is broadly expressed within cortical interneurons The RNA expression pattern of Cacna1a is illustrated here by double fluorescent in situ hybridization in wild-type animals at P21 (Cacna1a in red, parvalbumin in green). Cacna1a is expressed widely in the telencephalon including in the cortex (A), hippocampus (B-B'), thalamus (C-C') and cerebellum (D-D') at P21. Within the cortex in particular, it is expressed in most cortical GABAergic interneurons including in the majority of (E) parvalbumin (PV-) and (F) somatostatin (SST-) expressing cells (somatosensory cortex, scale bars: (A) 50 μm; (B-D) 100 μm; (E-F) 10 μm). Quantification in (F) is displayed as the percentage of all GAD67-, PV- and SST- positive cells expressing Cacna1a. (n=3). Thalamic nuclei: CM: centromedian, VL: ventroposterolateral, VM: ventroposteromedial, LD: laterodorsal, RN: reticular nucleus.

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