Zur Theorie der Leitfähigkeit von Elektrolyten und schwach ionisierten Plasmen. II



Our starting point is an equation for the pair distribution function given in part I. In part I this equation was solved by a perturbation procedure in terms of the BJERRUM parameter b and the first two approximations were given (containing terms up to b2). In this paper there are calculated the distribution function and the conductance of symmetrical electrolytes up to all powers of the BJERRUM parameter. In respect to the concentration n all the powers higher than n and n log n respectively are neglected. Only the terms up to b2 are screened (DEBYE screening). In this way long range divergencies in the conductance are avoided. For high b values there is a large decrease of conductance which is due to ionic association. The asymptotic representation of the conductance is given by σ/σ = 1 − 4π na3 (exp b)/b.