Quantenmechanische Behandlung des Lasers mit nichtresonanter Rückkopplung. II Berechnung von Korrelationsfunktionen für das Strahlungsfeld



In the model introduced in a preceding paper [1] (in which only the homogeneous broadening of the atomic levels is taken into account and the radiation field is assumed to be monochromatic) the first and second order correlation functions for the radiation field in one mode as well as for the total field are calculated explicitly by solving the HEISENBERG equations for the photon creation and annihilation operators b+λ, bλ and the operator equation image representing the total photon number. The linewidth of the radiation (which is the same for a single mode and the total radiation field) is found to be 2M-times (M number of modes) larger than in the corresponding case of 1-mode operation with the same total photon number.