The Mechanism of the Reactions Mg24 (d, p.) Mg23 and Mg26 (d, p.) Mg27 in the Deuteron Energy Range 1.3-2.5 MeV


  • This work has been reported on the 16th Annual Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Structure in Moscow, U. S. S. R. 1966.


The differential excitation functions of the low lying levels for the reactions Mg24 (d, p) Mg25 and Mg26 (d, p.) Mg27 have been measured in steps of 10 KeV in a deuteron energy range 1.3-2.5 MeV and at angles 20°–160y in steps of 20°. Thin isotopic targets (0.45 μ gm/cm2) on Ni backing (0.5 micron) were used. Auto-correlations, angular and group crosscorrelations, and probability distributions were calculated in terms of ERIOSON's theory of statistical fluctuations. The mean coherence width Γ for both reactions was found to be equal to 32 KeV which corresponds to a life time τ = 2.1 × 10−20 sec. of the compound nucleus formation.