The Isobaric-Analogue Resonance States in the Fe56 Nucleus



Gamma ray spectra from the reaction Mn55(p, γ) Fe56ß have been measured at the isobaric-analogue resonances at Ep = 1769 ± 4 keV and 1806 ± 4 keV respectively with a 15 cm3 Ge(Li) dedector. Double correlation for the transition from the resonance level to the second excited state of Fe56 has been measured for the two cases. Proton elastic scattering was also studied at each resonance at the angle 150°. Analysis of the (p, y) and (p, p) works yields a Jπ assignment 4+ or 5+ and 3+ for the two mentioned resonance states, respectively, which are the isobaric-analogues of the 0.454 MeV and 0.486 MeV states of Mn56. The proton partial width and the total width for each resonance state were also determined.