Excitation functions for proton elastic scattering on Mn55 at proton energies from 1320 KeV to 1480 KeV have been measured at the angles 135° and 150°. Anomalies in the differential elastic scattering were observed at Ep = 1350 ± 4 KeV, 1385 ± 4 KeV and 1445 ± 4 KeV respectively. These resonance states are the isobaric analogues of the ground, first excited and second excited states in Mn56 respectively. Analysis of the results showed that these resonance states are best fitted to a Jπ = 3+, 2+ and 1+ which is in excellent agreement with the Jπ values of the corresponding states in Mn56. The total widths and proton widths of these states were determined.