Feldgleichungen der TREDERschen Gravitationstheorie, die aus einem Gravitationstheorem herleitbar sind. II



In the frame work of non-linear generalizations of TREDER's tetrad theory of gravitation considered in part I. a pure bimetric gravitation theory results for the LAGRANGian Ω(1)F with ω2 = 1. The discussion of the post-NEWTONian approximation given in I. has demonstrated that must be: ω2 = −1 − 2ω1. - However, a LAGRANGian with ω1 = − ω2 = −1 is identical with GUPTA's post-NEWTONian approximation for EINSTEIN's general relativistic LAGRANGian. Therefore, for ω1 = − ω2 = − 1 the EINSTEIN effects are resulting evidently and the question discussed in I. the tetrad formalism becomes non-important.