Schwere Photonen in der klassischen Elektrodynamik


  • Herrn Professor D. D. Iwanenko zum 70. Geburtstag zugeeignet


The corresponding classical electrodynamics to a quantum electrodynamics with a propagator depending on restmassless photons and photons with restmass, too, is a field theory of the fourth order given by the wave-operator □ (1− □/k2). This electrodynamics has a physical meaning only if the electro-static potential ϕ becomes the COULOMB potential asymptotically, and if the point-like field sources (electrons) have monopol-like chargedistributions: ϱ ∼ δ(r). From these postulates results that such a classical field-theory becomes the electrodynamics of BOPP and of PODOLSKY. However, such a classical electrodynamics is only possible with time-like photons, the hypothesis of space-like photons gives contradictions to the postulates about the electro-static field and about the monopol-like structure of the point-like electron-charges.