Dynamical Behaviour of the Mass Asymmetry Mass Parameter in Nuclear Fission



The theory of nuclear fission is reconsidered. We study the behaviour of the mass parameter as a dynamical quantity of the mass asymmetry. The dependence of the mass asymmetry mass parameter is studied as a function of the five collective coordinates. These parameters are reconsidered by including the temperature to show the temperature dependence of the mass parameter. The cranking model is used in developing all the mathematical and theoretical expressions. Numerical calculations of the obtained analytical expressions are carried out for the two fissioning nuclei 236U and 238U. The mass asymmetry mass parameters are calculated including the temperature as a function of the different five collective coordinates. The present study shows that the values of this mass asymmetry mass parameters are stable against the change of the temperature for temperature values greater than 1 MeV for all the different five collective coordinates.


Dynamisches Verhalten des Massenasymmetrieparameters bei Kernspaltung

Die Abhängigkeit des Massenasymmetrieparameters von den fünf gemeinsamen Koordinaten und ihrem Temperaturverhalten wird für ein Mantelmodell aufgestellt und für 236U und 238U numerisch bestimmt. Es zeigt sich eine Temperaturunabhängigkeit für Temperaturen über 1 MeV.