Magneto-electrogyration in cubic Sr(NO3)2, Ba(NO3)2, and Pb(NO3)2



The simultaneous application of electric and magnetic fields on single crystals of Sr-, Ba-and Pb-dinitrate yields an additional term to the pure electrogyration and Faraday effect. The symmetric part of the fourth-rank tensor of this magneto-electrogyration has been completely determined with the aid of a high-resolution computer-aided polarimetric device. In Pb(NO3)2 a maximum magneto-electrogyration of about 10% of the magnitude of electrogyration is observed when a magnetic field of 1000 kA/m (1.2 Tesla) is applied along [111]. The effects in Sr(NO3)2 and Ba(NO3)2 are much smaller. Index of refraction, electrogyration, Faraday effect, and the new magneto-electrogyration obey the same sequence: Pb(NO3)2 > Ba(NO3)2 > Sr(NO3)2.