Scanning tunneling microscopy with atomic resolution on ReS2 single crystals grown by vapor phase transport



Atomic resolution images of layered transition metal-dichalcogenide ReS2 single-crystals (n-type semiconductor) were obtained using a scanning tunneling microscope with a positive tip. In most cases only unresolved clusters of four rhenium atoms could be seen. Occasional images with higher resolution showed that these bright structures consist of four separated atoms. The symmetry of the imaged atoms is identical to that of the rhenium sublattice but not to that of the sulfur atoms. We conclude therefore that the main contribution to the tunneling current is due to the rhenium atoms, although the sulfur atoms are placed by about 0.15 nm closer to the tip. Thus for our positive bias of the tip the tunneling electrons originate from occupied rhenium states in the valence band of the semiconductor.